Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

3DS PLAN ORBITS Present Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan Practical training. Building and Landscape design with Revit Architecture Structure and MEP application related any building model with 3Ds Presentation.

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Revit Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan 3DS PLAN
Revit Course in Pakistan
Online Revit Course in Pakistan
Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan
Revit Course 3dsplan
Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan
Autodesk Revit Course 3da plan

Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

      Architecture and Structure.

                                 In Revit both of options are available about designing Architectural and structural. Architectural for use map designing and shows the sizes and Structural base at columns and beams with rebar shapes. For this purpose launching Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan fully practical.

So both of options are available in that course.

Therefore no problem facing regarding the variety of courses.


Revit Course
BIM Revit Architecture Course


Revit Structure
BIM Structure


Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan
3D Planning
House Designing
Elevation in Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan


Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan
Project Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan


BIM Designing Course
Structure of Revit Course


Revit Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan
Revit Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan

Location of Plot.

                 In modern time period Location of site is major need regards database creation according to any field, so

In Revit Course location of plot or site setting is most important technique. Revit Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad  has the application of site setting according to Geo data and coordinate system. We can set the site with the help of coordinates or city list. If the country follow the geo coding and address system then also it would be used. This site location has the benefit we can determine the heating and cooling analysis. The report we can generated related heating and cooling analysis designed final about HVAC system. Air Conditional function is base at that mater.

Building Pad.

              In Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan it would be included that Leveling of building pad. Base of Surface level adjusted due with cut and fill volume material it will be major part of building. The original land surface level is improper, ups and downs are exist then should be readjusted the surface level. Surfacing is made with the help of volume material required if filling situation if there is cut position then this cut material are also adjusted in filling issue. Revit course has the application of building pad or surfacing after cut and fill. This right way. So its very good tool in the revit.

Map Designing.


              Drawing is the common part of Architectural and Civil Engineering. Maps creation is the most important field of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, etc. With Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan map designing is so easy as well Auto Cad and other cad software’s. Because it is totally depends at solid model system and families of components its taking less time.

Walls, Columns, Beams, Doors, Windows, Foundation, Flooring, Roof, Ceiling, Swimming Pools, Railing, Stairs


            Plants. Trees. Flowers. Components etc.


       The Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan Solid Stricture of Walls are we have and it will be used in the shape of 2d and 3ds. There is no issue of wall depth, thickness and length or high dimension settings Everything is available in the properties of the wall even we can duplicate these walls with different name and specifications. Section material are presented in section views and with hatches graphically. Render material is applying with the help of textures and auto application of walls.

" Revit in Pakistan "
Revit Course

Different types of walls in Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan Basic wall, Curtain Walls, Stacked Walls etc. Reveal function of wall is for decoration of wall, any design we can added in the wall structure in the position of cutting it would be use, other hand sweep function of wall is added the design in the wall face according to sweep profile design. These two functions of Revit course is most differing from other software. Split element function is using for trim purpose in map designing, other hand Split Element with gap tools for using cutting and separation of walls part. Tiles function is available for material use. Tiles are drawn by vertically and horizontally gaps and numbers of tiles and cuts with scaling. This software easily download from official website of Auto desk.

Structural and Architectural Columns.

Revit Structure

                                      Columns are the most important element of RCC technology. Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan has the both of options about columns Structural uses as well as Architectural. Structural Columns are based on RCC uses Rebar steel bars are designed along these. Section views can be created and columns material are graphically shows but there no option of render material finishing amazingly. For that purpose Architectural Columns are use, for designing and finishing purpose Architectural columns are use with Render material and finishing. Even we have different type of families about that purpose.


      Beams are regular item of RCC. Beam system is very nice in Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan and it is based at structural purpose about frame structure building. The framing structure is with length, depth, dimensional functions. The options are available at the both of ends related levels and levels offsets, it would be used for ramp purpose also. Concrete beams are for use RCC purpose and Steel beams option for use frame building with iron appliances.

Steel beams and columns structure uses in this time period regularly with truss and brasses.

So there is two types of Beams one is RCC and second is PCC in This course.


       Door System is best in Revit course training, doors families are installed along software installation. There is maximum option of chosen door according to requirement. Different Designs of doors are available to chosen, different styles and sizes of doors with render material options, little bit changes we can made and modifying in designs and sizes.

When there is no option available then have opportunity to modeling a new door with the help of family template.


Revit 3dsplan Revit

        Windows are exist in the family library, different categories of windows along sizes and material are available in Revit course which is exist in the library. Even new window can be easily modifying with the family template.


            Structural plan base at the Foundation, The Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan Foundation solid slabs are available for walls and columns. These are uses for Foundation slabs and plinth beams. Have an option about PCC and RCC slabs with reinforcement.

Footing Foundation is base at slabs and structural floor slabs. Concrete beds or bricks layer are use easily.


         All layers of flooring can be drawn with in revit course Finishing Floor or TOPO, PCC, Soft Aggregate, Broken Bricks or brimstone, we can manage these all in Revit. Hatch material shows in slabs graphically and finishing material can be finalized in 3d rendering along wooden floor texture or stone texture, ceramic material is also used in flooring.


     Roof is the very top thing of the building. There are different types of roofs in Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan taper roofs or extruded roof are the central part taking in residential building. Slope arrows help the roof creation and modifying roofs and taper. Many textures options are available for sloping material shows as like spines tile or etc.

Ceiling Designs.

Revit Course

                Ceiling plans options are available for every linear view or elevation views all sides.

First Basic ceiling designs are not enough for ceiling decoration but in Revit course there is another option of compound ceiling with in area.

Much of better this option with material of render.

Ceiling lights are also manage in the plan and activated.

Swimming Pools Designing.

                        Due to simplify and moderate technique of use in Revit course we can modifying swimming pool with best of water render and light material.

Because Liquid materials or water material textures are available in the library.

Railing Styles.

               Railing is the part of building beauty in Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan Orbits.

Profile of railing can be also sketching and finishing with balusters.

Baluster family is available in software.

Similarly New profile of railing also can be design easily.

Designing of Stairs.

                    Stairs likewise  L shapes, U shapes, or straight stairs are included in the Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan.

Similarly we have the options to taking template of stairs available at the screen in stairs tab option, or sketch a new stair design.

Finally Finishing material of tread and riser or slab we can added.

While Stair railing is automatically added with stairs.

Yes there is available option of sketch stairs according to different designs our requirements.

Landscape design.

                 Landscaping is unique type of Designing field.

Because In the very beginning it was introduced just for gardening and planting purpose but now it is the part of every building premises.

Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan has the large scale of landscaping options.

Likewise plants, trees, shrubs etc.

Similarly Palm trees are the popular type of landscaping trees.

Render options have render appearance of flowers and plants categories. These plants are use from massing and site tab and site components options.

Therefore You can take from the video tutorials.

Survey data xyz import in Revit.

                               If we have the any survey point data format of xyz then it would be import in Revit.

The top surface is created from these point data, therefore it is included in the Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan and the  part of the software.

Sub region also be created with in boundary lines.

Another hand point data have an option about placement point manually with elevation.

Steel Bars Placement.

                     Some numbers of rebar shapes options are available in the rebar shape family.

So There are few options to placement of rebar bars related bars numbers.

Space minimum or the ring bars spaces in Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan structural tab for use.

Quantity Volume.

                Another main advantage of Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan is the option of quantity material volume calculation.

Which is automatically added in schedule of quantity option available in view tab.

The quantity of walls, columns, Beams, Foundation slabs and floors, doors and windows, stairs and steel bars etc.

Text and Labels.

                Different types of colors are applicable in rooms and spaces with the help of rooms tag or space tags.

Finally Room area is automatically calculated with walls center or finish side.

So Annotations tab have an option of text written and dimension work for measurement.

Section and Elevation.

                      Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan have the quick way of section draw and elevation view created just line drawn.

So Dimension shows easily, Levels and levels offsets displaying with symbols.

Interior Designing Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan 3Ds PLAN


                   Components use in interior scene as like furniture set or electronic or IT items families are installed with software and when we want added in the room.

Even Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan allow us to modify new family of furniture with the help of family template.

Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan
Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

3D Finishing.

             Finally applying finishing material we can taking result with rendering and realistic view.

Therefore Render option is manually render or clouding render with online membership of A360 community added in Revit.

Realistic view simple presented with material but render of sun light or artificial light result is best at Revit course in Rawalpindi Pakistan along online render with Auto desk community level.

MEP Revit.

          Automatically ducting and manually of air terminal and unit in Revit.

Pipe layout and connected to mechanical fixtures placement in mechanical template of use.

Secondly For electrical designing Electrical template use with power and light system.

So There is separate course from Revit Civil or Revit Architecture and Revit Structure.

Walk through.

 One another most important thing in Revit Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan walk through camera Camera is passing away from given path. Therefore This type of animation have very features with compare of 3ds Studio Max.

Secondly Walkthrough is beater than Revit in Lumion for camera work.

3Ds Studio Max has large scale software, in the case of Revit just animate camera not other any object so this type of animation finally is included at Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan with camera base.

Therefore Sun animation along path is different topic of solar animation it is not part of the Revit course in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan. Thanks for joying us and take care.

Finally Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan also in for building use.

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